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2D Networks - VoIP Integration
The Voice over Internet Protocol is normally referred to as VoIP and is a means of making telephone calls over a data connection. Our section on SIP Trunks details the significant cost saving which can be made using this technology.

Because the devices running VoIP are connected to a computer network, either a Local Area Network (LAN) or a Wide Area Network (WAN), we now have great flexibility on connection options and for integrating voice, data and video.

We can integrate door phones, video cameraís, alarm contacts such as fluid levels or over temperature alarms, and use the SIP interface to make or receive calls as necessary.

A simple example could be an unattended loading bay, monitored by an IP camera.

Motion detection software is triggered when a delivery truck arrives, which automatically rings the extension of the despatch clerk on her video phone so she can see which courier has arrived. As she is printing out the picking list the call also rings on the mobile phone of the forklift operator, who can then proceed directly to meet the driver. If the call is not answered an email is sent to the shipping mangerís smartphone, which is connected to the warehouse wireless network.

In this scenario the dispatch clerk does not even need to be located in the warehouse !

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