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Digital Wiring - Support for Legacy 3Com NBX
Digital Wiring Ltd has for many years been the leading 3Com Voice Partner in Northern Ireland. Although NBX is no longer sold by the combined HP / 3Com partnership we continue to support NBX installations in Northern Ireland, the Irish Republic and in Great Britain, either by remote connection or through on-site visits by our trained engineers.

Dial plan changes are routinely tested in our well equipped laboratory prior to deployment on a live system, and by using our own ISDN test equipment on site we can provide the technical expertise to resolve line issues with the major telecom providers.

We carry an extensive range of spares including complete NBX systems, as well as handsets and individual BRI / PRI interface cards, providing maintenance for our own contract customers, and those non contracted sites needing ad hoc support.

We also offer a sensible upgrade path to migrate 3Com voice sites to SIP telephony, by connecting existing NBX or VCX handsets to a SIP server, thus protecting the investment customers have already made in IP Telephony.
Tel: +44(0)28 9443 2080
Fax: +44 (0)28 9443 2992
For an onsite demonstration, or to discuss your particular requirements, please contact us.
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